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about samia

My minor obsession with pictures and photography began in my early teens. I was the girl walking around with a camera, constantly taking pictures in class, at pep rallies and games. Posting them online created a space for me to display my work. Recognition by my peers and classmates always brightened my days. 10 years later, here we are, and I get that same joy when I walk into a house and see my work on the walls, or when a clients' profile picture is an image that I've taken. By the end of a portrait experience with me, I want my clients to feel like they were out with a friend sharing good laughs and a great time. I believe that photography is an indispensable treasure. I hope that through getting to know me, you will understand my style, and trust me with capturing your treasured story. Whatever that story may be. 

I have a big heart, big dreams and a wild imagination. My faith is first, and my family and friends are my anchors. I love positive energy and those who embody it. With open arms, I welcome you to! Take a look around, and enjoy the view! Have a question? Just want to say Hello? I'd love to hear from you & hope to see you soon!

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