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Over time, heirloom photos of loved ones become damaged from dust, scratches, tears, or spilled liquids. Those you love most deserve to be restored. Through my extensive photoshop skills and attention to detail, I can bring your treasured photos back to life with my professional photo recovery service. 






Fill out the form to make initial contact. Include the image(s) you would like restored.

Samia will review the form and determine the condition of files. A proposal will be sent for you to confirm.

Once confirmed, Samia will begin the restoration process and will deliver them via email.


How is the condition of your photo being determined?

View examples and conditions below.

  • Do you make house calls?
    Yes! If you live in Richmond or its surrounding counties, we can come to you to scan your photos for an additional charge of $75.
  • How much does it cost for a restoration?
    Clients can expect to spend $175-$400 per image. It really depends on the condition of the photo. Once you submit the photo for review, a quote will be given for your restoration inquiry.
  • I’m afraid to send photos through a carrier, do I have to mail you my photos?
    No, the beautiful thing about technology is… your treasured photos can stay with you through this entire restoration process. We give you a step by step process on how to upload your photo in our system to create a digital file.
  • Are there any photos you can’t fix?
    Rarely. We will make every attempt to restore your photos regardless of their condition , however, there are factors that prevent a successful restoration, such as (missing pieces of vital parts of the photo, extremely dark or blurry photos)
  • When you colorize an image, how do you know what colors to choose?
    Unless you have specific color requests, It’s all based on artist interpretation.
  • How long does it take for you to restore an image?
    Any photo restoration can take anywhere from 1-5 hours depending on the editing needs of the photo.
  • What program do you use for restorations?
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